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Herbs for healing, herbs for herbal teas, culinary herbs, herbs for a myriad of uses - almost all certified organic by the Soil Association. Most are supplied in resealable foil pouches with batch number, EU logo (where applicable) , best before date and the Soil Association symbol.

Organic Brahmi Powder 100g
price: £2.95
Organic Celery Seeds 100g
price: £2.95
Organic Comfrey Root 100g Cut
price: £4.50
Organic Comfrey Root 500g Cut
price: £16.95
Organic Fennel Seeds  100g
price: £2.95
Organic Fenugreek Seed Powder100g BBE Nov 2019
price: £1.50
Organic  Juniper Berries  100g
price: £2.95
Organic  Lemon Balm  50g
price: £2.20
Organic  Lemon Grass Tea 50g
price: £1.95
Organic  Lemon Grass Tea 50g BBE Nov 2019
price: £1.50
Organic  Marshmallow  Root 100g
price: £3.95
Organic  Marshmallow  Root 500g
price: £14.00
Organic  Marshmallow  Root 50g
price: £2.30
Organic Olive Leaf  100g
price: £3.50
Organic Olive Leaf  50g
price: £2.95
Organic Slippery Elm Powder 100g
price: £8.95
Organic Slippery Elm Powder 400g
price: £31.00
Organic Thyme 50g
price: £1.95
Organic Valerian Root Tea 100g
price: £4.95
Organic Chamomile Flower Tea  100g
price: £3.50
Organic Chamomile Flower Tea  50g
price: £2.70

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